The Dynamic Duo is Over?

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The Dynamic Duo is Over

“90% of all his work he got out there is cause of me”- Jaymazin
Jaymazin & Ya Boi Bron once put out a project with 40+ tracks.

The two artist Jaymazin from Manhattan & Ya Boi Bron from the Bronx, were once an unstoppable duo with Ya Boi Bron killing the verses and Jaymazin killing the Hooks. 

Jaymazin Responds

This is what Ya Boi Bron said word for word

This is what made the break up of the group public, Bron talking about it in a interview about  The Heat Wave3 and the latest single “Lord Demon” and it got into the days he use to make music with him. Bron also talks about how there is so many artist that think you can’t do it with out them.

Ya Boi Bron Talks

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