Bron is on a Mission


Ya Boi Bron is on the way with his 9th solo project “The Heat Wave 3” & the journey there has given Fire that will be on & off “The Heat Wave 3“ project. The summer of 2015 was filled with songs with visuals from “Back2Back” to “All For My Niggas“, which did not make the Heat Wave 3 cut.The year of 2016 has changed for the better in which relationships redeveloped with Bron & Juranko founder of Five40 music group. Bron & Five40 history is undeniable & the Fire 40 empire was built by both of there contributions. “Remember Me“, “Lord Demon“, “Pain” & the “2016 Flow” is all apart of the Big comeback into he mix to finish what they started with this Heat Wave trilogy. The wait & push back for the Heat Wave 3 was one of mathematics because of the energy he was getting back was increasing at a fast rate. The fan involvement could have a big reason to do with the fan energy building for Ya Boi Bron’s  music. There is nothing stronger then feeling like your part of something great.

We are one with music, it is a feeling that is hard to explain but when you here the Fire, you also feel the Fire. 2016 Flow is a song made at the end of 2016 become the Life of the whole 2016.

“40 on me and its booming”

“Rather be the coach then the nigga scoring”


“I done came along way from the Bullshit”



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