Mathew Malave is Back from a 2-3 year Hiatus & is working on pushing New Fire single “Party Like…”+ More

Underworld Music Radio: Bringing fireeand Value together

The young Brooklyn artist has announced on Underworld Music Radio’s Effen Friday that the Hiatus is over & he is back to do what he does best & that’s music. The New Fire single “Party Like…” proves that Mathew Malave has a real calling to make music. The Hiatus has been so close to 3 years of personal situations that kept Mathew Malave from making music but has not taken the music out of Mathew Malave. The young Brooklyn artist does not want to focus on the solo project & more the Fire single “Party Like…” & the ones that follow that 1st single for his 3rd solo project.

The Will to Keep Going

The young Brooklyn artist Mathew Malave has been through trials & tribulations as a solo artist & when getting started Mathew Malave also shared the same trials and tribulations as one in a group called Street Starz. The young Brooklyn artist never let the circumstances keep him stuck because Gods gift is always the solution to every problem. The key to life is to keep to what you love at all times from the brightest of day to the darkest.

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