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orange-and-white-background-wallpaper-11YA BOI BRON

bron performing The young Bronx artist is in the Run for the 1st ever Fire Flows Championship, with the constant Fire releases & extraordinary work ethic. The New York City Division’s Bronx Sector will be Ya Boi Bron + Wugg Smoove + Zin- Zeta + Dotty Dot going for the Bronx Sectors Fire Flows Championship. 

orange-and-white-background-wallpaper-11KRIS BYRD

DSCN1269 Kris Byrd is Back with the Fire track “Money Route” pushing the Fire activity to high again for the 2nd Quarter of 2018.The first solo project “The Bronx Tale” will be out soon with Fire tracks like “Ric Flair” & “Spread Barz“. The Bronx artist Kris Byrd was almost on the contender list for the Fire Flows Championship of the bronx Sector but did not qualify because he hasn’t released a solo project yet.


UvEwv56zTj13dO1qr4fj4wDDc5Fwzc6O1ke4DnBSKN1Wa42zBDzGREwVLD9HqEAoIzs=s180Want to Help us invest in music from the Bronx? We have partnered with UvEwv56zTj13dO1qr4fj4wDDc5Fwzc6O1ke4DnBSKN1Wa42zBDzGREwVLD9HqEAoIzs=s180 so you have the ability to take this journey with us. Now you can send us money & tell us what you would like us to help push and promote more of. The upsides of investing in the future of music is that we also take a portion & feed the homless with artist there to help the cause & then post it to send out the positive vibes.

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orange-and-white-background-wallpaper-11The Fire Brothers are Back

Tray Pizzy & Japan180 

orange-and-white-background-wallpaper-11Kris Byrd got a Fire Money Anthem

The Bronx Fire Flows Playlist

New York has been on the Grind praticaly in the dark putting the work in to push the game back in the favor of those who started this Hip Hop game.The Bronx has never been the place to not bring the Fire to you.

The true spirit of an artist is to push through no matter the light shining on the artist or darkness. Tray Pizzy is an artist who resides in the Bronx & has never deterred from the vision, which included putting his own friends in better situations.

Zin-Zeta born & raised from the Bronx has never been one to slack or not give all he got when he is working on a project or song.

Why Stop NOW Visual Playlist

Tray Pizzy


Tray Pizzy is on Fire Sounds Playlist

Music ForecastFIREE.jpg

The 3rd Quarter of 2017 is Here & with the Cold coming in real soon, the Artsit are cooking up Fire for more High activity.

636049076842624124-2115961982_sunThe Bronx is heating up in the 3rd Quarter with Z4 Productions releasing the New Fire “Hollywood” Single. Kris Byrd, Zin-Zeta & Young Cutta team up to give a lyrical performance of High substance Flows. Those who appreciate that lyrical New York feel, has a gift that will soon be on repeat on your phone.

636049076842624124-2115961982_sunThe Bronx is the birth place of the Broke & Trippy movement, which is about putting that work in & put those around that also want to work for there way out. Tray Pizzy believes that most artist only want to be signed because they are lazy.



Japan 180


JAPAN 180 Is Back Sounds Playlist


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Zin Zeta Lyrical King Sounds Playlist

Ya Boi Bron


Brand New Song

Lord Demon Sounds Playlist


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