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A look Back in Fire History

Fire History 2nd Quarter of 2018

We are the Monday Fire Team working non stop to bring you the Fire content from the Underworld Music Realm. The 2nd Quarter of 2018 is midway through & with the 3rd Quarter on the horizon. The We The West group are moving towards the new quarter in great shape with the founder Ya Boi Bron out dominating each quarter,feels like this will only be going up raising the activity to High Fires. Dotty Dot is pushing his 3rd solo project through the 2nd Quarter of 2018 & with Fire tracks like “Pina Colada” + “Sauce“. The young Bronx artist Dotty Dot started the 3rd project “Boy Cry Wolf” with “Lies” + “Dear Management“. 


Dotty Dot is on his grind & has released his 3rd solo project “Boy Cry Wolf” 

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boy cry wolf


Ya Boi Bron Goes viral on this one

Brother’s of FIRE

Dotty Dot

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