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piffboy tmiSpirit of Ecstasy Centenary Collection

The young Bronx Artist Piff has been working in OverDrive with this monumental “Tryna Make It” trilogy Series, which is close to completion with 2 out of 3 out now.

Friday is a day of having fun into the weekend & Now it’s a day of getting motivated to get money, fuck bitches & make moves. The 2nd part of “T.M.I” comes with more Heat because there 4 more extra tracks on this project.  

PIFF starts the New Tape where he “Address The Issue” on the Intro & the Fire begins like the 1st part of “T.M.I” never ended. “Love & Hate” are the two things that can get blurry & back & forth.

“First they Love You then they Hate You, then they love you again/ See you in it for the Fame & I’m in it to win/ First they Love You then they Hate You, then they love You again, These niggas ain’t your friends, most of them just pretend” 

The leading single “Lit” was not only a great song/video but it explains the whole moment with “TMI” becoming an Underworld Music Radio Success & giving the listener Money motivation. The part 2 of “TMI” was a smart move because the anticipation was high on the Underworld Music scene, & you got to feed the streets what they really want. The 2nd Quarter of 2017 was the perfect time for a full body of work, not 1 hit singles.

The day of May 26th of 2017 which lands on a Friday & is today for those who are reading this today is your lucky day because “TMI”2 is streaming Live at 1pm & 3pm today only on Underworld Music Radio.




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